Build a website from scratch or use a CMS

A CMS is a content management system.  WordPress actually is a good example of a CMS.   When using a CMS you base your site off of a theme and then tailor that theme to your needs.  Usually the themes are highly configurable so 2 people building off of the same theme can have websites that look different. CMS are typically ideal for clients who will want to continuously update their site.  The design won’t change but if they want to add a latest event or alert customers to a new product, a CMS is ideal.  CMS is also full of rich plugins that can be added easily to your site. One of the best features of using a CMS is how  beautifully your site will be mobile ready without extra coding.

Well, with all that  why build from scratch?  Working with CMS can be quirky! Each theme has its own way of adding a section or making modifications.  Maintenance of various plugins will also be required.  I also find the sites built on CMS are slower than using the industry standard languages.   Building from scratch allows for complete originality.

I see pros and cons of both. If my client is in a rush, I will lean towards using a CMS. Otherwise, I prefer starting from scratch.

What’s your preference?

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